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As supply chains operate more and more on a 24/7 schedules, it’s vital to have partners who can be “always on” too. E+P’s online customer care portal is a key component of our ability to provide around the clock, around the globe support to our customers. The E+P Customer Care Portal includes an advanced support ticketing system that keeps our customers up to date on a ticket’s status, as well as an easy-to-use FAQ and an in-depth knowledge base to help potentially address issues in real time.

EPG Support Client Download


Please Proceed as follows: 

  • Download EPG Support Client at:
  • Please give the following information to the EPG Supporter: ID and password.
  • The EPG Support Client will automatically show you this information.
  • The EPG Supporter can now connect directly to your computer, is able to see your screen and can take control of your computer to help you.
  • When you close the EPG Support Client, the connection is terminated and remote access to your computer is no longer possible.

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Support Phone: 1.704.457.0158

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Customer Success
Support Center.

All customers who are covered by an E+P Customer Support and Technical Service package have access to our customer care portal where they can submit online tickets and access the E+P knowledge center.
A member of the E+P support team will address level 1 and 2 tickets within one business day, and tier 3 tickets within one hour. 

The Benefits of the E+P Customer Care Portal.

  • Resolve mission critical issues quickly anytime, anywhere
  • Access non-emergency technical expertise when and where you need
  • Learn from years of accumulated support materials around key E+P solutions
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